UI question, getting rid of everything except camera view port and or saving custom toolbar groups

Hi there
I am a longtime user of Sketchup Pro, since day one actually. I have used many 3D software packages along side of SKP and there is one thing that many of those have that Sketchup is lacking or I have missed all this time.
That is to be able to easily (one click on icon) fill the screen with only the camera veiwport. So no toolbars and no tray. I know I can of course close all the toolbars and tray etc. but that takes a while with all the plugins I have. I very often have presentations on either one of my screens or on a projector directly from Sketchup just flipping thru scenes and flying around as I explain.
So to my question at last :slight_smile:Is there a plugin or ruby command that could do this quickly?
It would of course be handy to keep the scene tabs.
If not do any of you find this to be something that would be good to have?
Also it would be so cool to be able to have full control over saved UI states for different workflows, modeling, scene and layout prep and texturing to name a few. Then switch between them with a click or quickly somehow.
Alternatively if the feature of saving and loading toolbar groups would be possible then that would work also.
PS. the “Toolbar Editor” plugin does not work for me since it does not save anything I do. If it would work than it would be my go to solution of course since it is in fact pretty brilliant :slight_smile:
Any thoughts and ideas much appreciated

Anton has a full screen tool.

This line caught my eye. It makes me wonder if you installed SketchUp correctly by right clicking on the installer and choosing Run as administrator. What you described would imply there’s a permissions problem and that is common when SketchUp is installed with Run or by double clicking on the installer.

Thank you Box and DaveR
I appreciate your quick response very much.
Im installing the AMS fullscreen tool… fingers crossed since thats exactly what Im looking for. I will let you know here if it works.
And DaveR…Im pretty certain I installed my latest SKP version with run as admin but dont remember and am now doubting it. Is there a way to check before I go thru the uninstall/reinstall loop?

There isn’t a way that I know of to check unless you have something recording your actions as you work. Let’s hope you don’t. :wink: You don’t need to uninstall/reinstall. You should be able to go to the downloaded installer, right click on it and choose Run as administrator from the context menu. If you get a message asking if you want to uninstall or repair, choose the Repair option. Of course do this with SketchUp and LayOut closed.

Are you running 2020 or 2019 as your profile indicates? If you are running 2020, make sure you have the 2020.2 installer before you do the above. sketchup.com/download/all

FWIW, starting with the last few versions of SketchUp, uninstalling and reinstalling isn’t a huge process. At least it doesn’t mean reinstalling all of your extensions since they aren’t affected by the uninstall. They are kept in a User directory that the uninstaller doesn’t touch.

Thank you DaveR
Im on 2019 so I will try re installing as you explain. Particularly since after I just now installed the AMS library and then the fullscreen plugin I could not open SKP. Its hanging and grayed out at start up…pew and my presentation starts in half an hour. Better get to it.
thx again :slight_smile:

Good luck. Check to make sure that your Nvidia graphics card is actually set as the one to display SketchUp. There were Windows updates pushed this week and those are notorious for including broken graphics drivers for integrated graphics and we’ve seen cases where the update changed the default graphics to the integrated GPU.

thank you will double check the GPU settings…ps the reinstallation is not working. ps. I never was asked or given the repair option

What did happen when you started the installer?

I dowloaded latest 2019pro and installed with run as admin. it then just went thru the steps but without asking or noticing the installed version already there. its like when one would do a fresh install I mean

Ah… That would imply that you had an older version of SU2019. They had several minor releases throughout 2019 with the last being in October or November. Likely you just missed that. Should be good, though.

going thru nvidia latest driver install for my gtx 1060…fingers crossed

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I just wanted to give an quick update on how this all went. After the last step (update nvidia drivers).
I installed skp pro 2020 as well just to try it and installed the ams driver. It then crashed in the same way like my skp 2019 as described above. So for both versions I went into the roaming folder and manually deleted both rb/rbz. and folder for both the AMS library and that fullscreen plugin. I then restarted computer and voila. All good exept I wont be trying or enjoying the fullscreen tool that Aron made. Good news is that with that latest version install of skp 2019 the “toolbar editor” is now working. Also for skp 2020 :slight_smile.
over and out for now :slight_smile: