Frustrations with standard "Top" View!

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Can somebody tell me why Top View doesn’t stay centred over the part of the model I’m looking at?

I use Top View a LOT (constantly) to flip between 2d plans and a 3d model (often sitting above or below a 2d plan).
But on some models Top View places my camera a long distance from the geometry and I need to scroll/pan across each time.

Why is this?
Why can’t it stay centred on the geometry that is in my focus, or if I select something perhaps it can focus on that instead??


I don’t know the answers to your “why” questions, but you can set up your top view as you like and then save it as a scene.

True, but it puts you back at the original camera location each time, so not an ideal workaround.

It seems to centre Top View on the geometry and scales it according to the distance you are viewing from before you incur it.

Is it all related to the notional position of the camera before it gets "swivelled to a top view? There would be logic to that. Otherwise, how does it know what you are choosing to look at?

You are missing Anssi’s point. Set up the various Scenes you want … then switch between scenes to switch between the various views you want to use as you work.

Use camera controls to setup scenes. Trying to use the camera controls to switch views while working within one scene will indeed be frustrating. It is the old problem of trying to use a tool in the way you wished it worked … rather than in the way it was designed to work.


It’s not so easy to right-click on the item you have selected in my common scenario where Top View puts my camera a long distance away…however, it gave me an idea for a workaround…:

3 steps:

  1. Select an item
  2. Shift+V = Top View
  3. V = Zoom selection

What I thought would make sense as a default process is:

When No item selected → Top View puts you in the usual place.
When Any Item selected → Top View centres your camera over that selected item.

(Of course the same should apply to Left, Right, Front & Back views as well.)