Camera view keeps snapping to center top view

Hey everybody,

I am currently experiencing issues with a model I created in Sketchup Make 2017.

After a few hours of work the camera view suddenly started to act weird. Whenever i try to move or rotate the camera view, it just snaps to the center (the red/green/blue axis) in a top down view. From that point onwards there seems to be no way to get out of it again. Switching the camera between parallel projection, perspective or two-point perspective has no effect. Setting the field of view manually does not help either. I cannot even switch between different view angles (iso, top, front, left etc.) via the icons anymore. I also tried disabling and even uninstalling plugins etc.
Until now I have been able to kind of fix the issue by copy/pasting everything into a new file and then overwriting the old one. But now even that does not work anymore.

The entire problem seems to be related to that specific model, not sketchup itself. Other files work just fine.

Has anyone experienced something like this before and can maybe help me here? I am kind of lost at this point…

What happens if you restart SketchUp?

What plugins are installed?

Wow, thanks for the quick reply.
I tried restarting SketchUp and my PC. Did not help either unfortunately. Also tried saving the file as a SketchUp 2015 file for example. Also with no effect.
Currently I have no plugins installed appart from the ones that come as standard with SketchUp Make 2017.

It sounds like the ‘Detached Text Bug’
See this topic for the remedy @eneroth3 and @TIG have devised.

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Yes, that script actually did the trick!
Thanks so much to the two of you for your time and effort! You saved my work here!


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