Frustrated, new to Sketch up Free

I am new to sketch up free, and am finding it extremely frustrating. Everytime I go to do something, it seems like the SU website loses itself, and needs to recover. This causes the page to relaunch, which takes so much time. Also it just seems like it takes forever to do anything, i.e. saving. Am I doing something wrong, or is something I am missing. Almost un-usable in its current state.

Also, in my previous life with SU, I was able to set the template to woodworking, inches, but I can’t seem to find this now…

Please advise. Thanks,

What version of Windows are you using? What browser? What is your graphics card?

As for setting up a template, you can do it after a fashion. Create a new file and set the units as you wish under Model Info. Then save that file to your Trimble Connect account. When you want to start a new project, open that file but save the project with a new name to avoid overwriting it.

You can also use SketchUp 2017 Make if you’d rather use a desktop version.


Thanks for the fast response. I am using Win 10 Home, using IE ( I guess I should be using Chrome), AMD Radeon 7560D



Mail]( for Windows 10

Yes. You should be using Chrome. IE is not recommend and on its way out. Booted to the curb by Windows.

or Firefox… or better the Make 2017 desktop version supporting nifty extensions.

integrated graphics subsystems are never recommendable for 3D modeling, switch to something capable (= performance, mature OpenGL support) if you can, e.g. a GeForce GTX 1050 Ti (or better).

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