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Just trying to figure out sketch up by watching YouTube videos and I’m confused within 30 seconds of first video. Video asks me to select a template but there are no options to do so. Later it asks me to go to the camera tab to select the “iso view” (whatever that is), but there is no camera tab where it is in the video. The video is from 2016. Is that the problem?

It could be. Which version of SketchUp are you using? Please complete your profile.

Sketch Up for Web? I think.

Where do I go to complete my profile? I’ve clicked around on my account under the “orange circle with the white J” in the upper right but can’t seem to find where to update

Then the answer to your question is, yes. Your problem is that you are looking at a video that uses a desktop version and the user interface is different.

Click on the J in the orange circle, then on your name and then on the gear icon.

FWIW, when you start a new file you will choose one of a couple of templates based on the units you select. By default the view will be in an iso or 3/4 view.

As for learning to use it, you might start here:

Got it. Does Trimble have updated videos for the current version?

See the link I posted in my previous reply for a place to get started.

This video goes over ways in which the web version is different to the desktop version. It’s using a more recent version of the web app, but even so is slightly out of date.

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Great start!
@John2, one very important change is that you now have the ability to customize keyboard shortcuts through using the search button left above the left toolbar. Makes your free web life much easier.
Added: the ‘Magnifying glass’ icon

Trimble Connect [Home] > New > should give template options, usually feet & inches.
On the right you’ll find a Views icon [like a film clapboard w/ ‘play’] - at the top are some standard views for the file: the top orth. & the bottom iso.
Sometimes it’s easiest to learn if you have a goal in mind - what do you want to do?

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