From e57 to rwp

Hi, I just start using Sketchup Studio to work with scans in e57 files. To work in Studio I need to convert every e57 file to an rwp. Is there a way or a different program to convert my whole file of 125 scans?

I´m not sure if meshroom can export to rwp, but it can export from e57 to dae, then you can import the dae file from sketchup.

Doesn’t Scan Essentials (which is part of Studio) creates rwp files from your e57 files?

It’s a bit cofuse… When you open a e57 file, SketchUp ask you for a place to save the rwp file(see attached photo). You don’t need a rwp file, it’s SketchUp which creates that file…
Captura de pantalla 2023-10-17 a las 12.17.00

Maybe @Jacques should take that confusion into account for the future… You are not the first people that ask for solution about the same problem

It does, the RWP is the project file (Realworks project) which SE reads.

It’s a bit like importing a JPG into SketchUp - you have to create a SKP file in order to save anything.

Actually, SketchUp can only load rwp files, so the e57 has to be converted into it.
Normally, Trimble Realworks can registrate pc’s and convert it into an rwp to work with.

The scanessentials extension doing it for you when you import a las could be seen a small version of Realworks:)

Realworks comes with the acquisition of a Trimble scanner.