Friday fun with Megascans Assets

A little Friday fun with Megascans assets. Terrain scuplted with Artisan. Assets imported with Transmutr. Trees from Laubwerk. Rendered with VRAY NEXT. Cheers.


I don’t know what you did, but WOW! Only things I gathered were “Friday”, “Artisan”, and “Vray”…

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Thanks…and while seemingly complex, once you have everything downloaded and installed, it’s really quite a straigh-forward process. I downloaded some free assets from Quixel Megascans. They are photo-realistic 3D scans of real-world elements. Their default format is .FBX or .OBJ and include a bunch of material maps as well - which is where the high-level of detail comes from.

Transmutr is an external extension that acts a bridge between 3D formats and SketchUp which creates an efficient process for rendering. From there, it’s just arranging things in SketchUP. Since the Megascans assets are quite large in file size, primarily from their high res textures, I used the ‘color-by-layer’ override with edges turned off and there was no lag at all placing components and it was easy to see how the composition was evolving given I was focusing only on shape, color and placement.

Lastly, pretty much default render settings using VRAY. Waterfall was a PNG texture placed in the model.


Great! Thanks for the info. How did you do the groundcover on the terrain? Is that Megascans or a texture?

Good question. Megascans has 3D assets and textures. The groundcover was their ‘Nordic Moss’:

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