Freehand drawing with tablet pen - Surface Pro 4

Is there no way to draw freehand in layout with a stylus? I mean, you can even do that with the (seemingly) same tool in Sketchup.

Works for me with a wacom stylus.

It works for me on the Wacom Cintiq. If it doesn’t work on the Surface Pro 4, maybe there’s some setting you need to make in the Control Panel regarding the stylus?

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Right. Thank you.

Actually, it is kind of working. Only it has this strange behavior, much like the problems I was having with a Windows/Adobe update clash a while ago with my Intuous…

It’s grabbing the page and moving it around, more than it is drawing. Only I’ve just noticed that if I hold down the (very firm) button on the stylus, it works okay. But that’s not serviceable.

The button on the stylus is the equivalent of Left click on the mouse. It’s very light on the Wacom stylus. Is the force adjustable on yours?

Do you have to use the button too? Maybe it’s something I need to configure in Windows.

I do but I kind of expected to.

I don’t need the button on my cintiq.

You know what, I’ve just discovered that it does work. But i need to pause for at least a second for it to enter draw mode, rather than page move mode. Kind of a vibe killer but I suppose I can get used to it.

A setting in the Wacom utility?

It’s Microsoft pen, with Surface Book. I’m new to it.

I have my tip set to click, bottom button to right click and top button to double click.

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You may be able to set the tip to tap to click.

Yes. That happens on the Cintiq for me as well.

I know yours is a Surface Pro but I was wondering if there’s a setting in the utility for the stylus.

Mine is the same, I see.

I have no delay and don’t need the button, but it may be different on mine as it is a cintiq companion 2. I think from memory yours is a straight cintiq.

I’ve just been going through the Windows Pen and Ink settings. Quite frankly, it’s very lackluster compared to the control you have with Wacom products. There’s one dynamics slider. That’s it.

There’s a few shortcut settings which don’t seem to be working. But that’s a different thread I suppose.

But I guess I have somewhat solved the issue, given that it’s similar in functionality to you guys. So thank you. Sometimes bouncing it off others is preferable/more intuitive than googling or whatever.

Good luck.

Yeah. Good memory. Mine’s an old 21" Cintiq.

this almost sounds like poetry…