Free version of Sketchup crashes for me after just a minute or two of working


Sketchup Free keeps crashing for me. I sometimes get an error that OpenGL isn’t enabled on my browser, even after I changed the settings there to enable it in Chrome. I also used the Nvidia Control Panel to set my GeForce graphics card as the default for Chrome, but it’s still crashing. Anyone have any ideas?
System specs:

  • GeForce GT 755M graphics card
  • Intel 2.4 GHz processor
  • 8 GB RAM

Maine House.skp (267.9 KB)

Do you know for certain that Chrome is using the Nvidia graphics card instead of the integrated GPU?

Is Chrome up to date?

Does this file perform differently?
Maine House purged.skp (201.9 KB)

Thanks for your reply.

Chrome is up to date, and I set Chrome to use the Nvidia card in the Nvidia control panel. I also reinstalled the Nvidia driver, but no dice.

I’m getting this error where the screen flickers for a second and then the interface goes blank. This even happens with the purged file:

Is my system just too old to handle the program?

Also this:

Even though WebGL is enabled

FYI, I solved this by changing the default graphics card in Windows settings as well as in the Nvidia control panel. Thanks

Good deal. Glad you figured out the problem.

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