Free sketchup is hiding!

Hi All, Thought i’d teach myself sketchup to model some of my woodwork projects. after watching youtube tutorials…looks like sketchup 2017 maker is a good thing BUT all the links to the so called "free " desktop downloads are only 30 day trials. Is there such a thing as free desktop sketchup maker? can you help with links?

It’s a free 30-day trial of SketchUp 2017 Pro. After the 30 days pass, it reverts to SketchUp 2017 Make.

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thanks i’ll see what happens in 30 days! the fact it becomes free after 30 seems to be a secret until you ask the question in groups like this, it’s not mentioned on the download sites.

It sounds like you don’t believe me.

When SketchUp 2017 was the current version this fact was made very clear on the pages webpages that were devoted to SketchUp Make. The download page is only that. They aren’t trying to keep it a secret from anyone.

No not at all, your advise was the best info/revelation on how this all works and in my search for a working free desktop version.