Free floating simulation with Sefaira Plugin


Do you have any suggestion in order to set up within the baseline of the plugin a way to simulate a situation on free-floating (no system HVAC switch off)?


Hi there,

Unfortunately there is no way to run a free-floating simulation in the plugin today, since the HVAC COPs are “baked into” the analysis. You are however able to run such a simulation in the web interface. Will that help you achieve what you are trying to do?



I have already tried to run such a simulation with Sefaira Webapp. In which way do you suggest to simulate a free-floating building? In the web interface, last button ‘zoning’ has the option to set an unconditioned space but it is not clear if the software is actually ignoring the area.


Hi Mauradegiov,

Apologies on my tardy response. You are correct. In that, you can simulate a free floating space with the “Unconditioned” space use template applied to the zone. While the space will have the “Unconditioned” template applied to it, it will still have the design loads (i.e., Lighting Power Density, Occupant Density and Plug Load Density) in the space. If you want to remove the design loads, I would recommend that you create a new template, where you also set your heating and cooling setpoints to really low and high respectively, so as to mimic a space where the HVAC never gets turned on.

I hope this helps.


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