Sefaira systems HVAC systems

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I’m running a complicated model through Sefaira and I have uploaded it to the web app. Now I would like to test different HVAC systems in the model, but they do not exist in the web app. Is there a way to add these systems? Or can I create some custom ones?

I would like to run a simulation with these systems:

  • ATES
  • Heat pump
  • Floor heating/cooling
  • Air heating/cooling
  • Chilled beams


@niraj_poudel Is this something you might be able to help with?


Hi there @stefanvgijsel,

Thank you for reaching out. I am curious to know what version of Sefaira you are using. You might only have access to Sefaira Architecture that comes with 3 in-built HVAC systems whereas Sefaira Systems has 15 HVAC systems to choose from and customize. As you can see from the attached image. Untitled

For me to be able to better help you could you please let me know of the name of the firm that you work for or the University that you go to?




That could be the problem indeed.

Eindhoven University of Technology


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Thank you for sharing that information @stefanvgijsel. Your professor should be able to give you access to Sefaira systems since he/she would be the administrator of Sefaira licenses at your university.

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