HVAC systems

In Sefaira, does anyone know how to add two types of HVAC system within the same floor space? The grouping option assigned HVAC systems per zoning but how would i add two types for the same zone?

What exactly are you trying to model Himesh. Could you provide more detail please?
You can’t have 2 HVAC systems in one zone but it’s possible if you explain the system you want to apply that it can be achieved.

Hello Andrew,

Thank you for the response. I’m trying to include Passive chilled beam (cooling) and radiant floor (heating).

Hi Himesh
Depending on how you are controlling the system you may find that you can use one system for both and just assume it’s OK.
The main difference between the two systems in Sefaira is that radiant systems can be controlled by different factors - eg operative temperature instead of air temperature. Controlling with operative temperature delivers better comfort and allows for lower set point temperatures but is less common than using air temperature.
If you are just controlling both elements with an air temperature sensor, I would use Passive Chilled Beams and take the heating results which will be pretty close to what you will get from the radiant floor with an air temperature sensor.
If you want to control the radiant floor with an operative temperature sensor (especially important if you are considering thermal comfort), then you should make a clone of your model, change the system and use the radiant floor system for heating energy calculations and comfort in winter and the chilled beams system for cooling energy and summer comfort.

Hey Corney,
Thank you, this helps a lot! For the last part, I’m still not sure exactly how to do that in Sefaira?