Can Sefaira Model an Air Source Heat Pump HVAC system?

Is it possible to model and air source heat pump system (ASHP) with Sefaira? I do not see ASHP listed as an option anywhere in the program. I’m also not an engineer or HVAC specialist, so it’s possible I’ve just missed something.

I might just be the dummy that answers his own question. This article appears to provide an answer:

Just in the interest of confirmation, here is what I’ve done:

  • selected “fan coil unit and central plant” as the overall system

  • in the water-side tab, select “heat pumps” and “air-cooled chiller”

Is that correct?

Hi Chaidan3

Heat pump systems name needs to include the type of medium that is used as a source of heating or cooling energy and the medium that is used to deliver the heating or cooling energy. First medium in the name is always a source. So knowing that we can have the following combinations:

  1. Air to Air Heat Pump
  2. Air to Water Heat Pump
  3. Water to Air Heat pump
  4. Water to Water Heat pump

What you are describing is most likely the option # 1 but in any case I will list which systems you can use for each type of heat pump:

  1. Air to Air Heat Pump
  • PTHP/Split system
    -VRV Fan coils (Heat rejection is Air-cooled)
  1. Air to Water Heat Pump
  • Any system that requires a boiler where as a boiler you put “Heat Pumps”
  1. Water to Air Heat pump
  • VRV Fan coils (Heat rejection is Water-cooled)
  • Water Source Heat Pump Fan Coil
  1. Water to Water Heat pump
  • Not supported directly

Thank you so much for the answer!