Sefaira w/Split System HVAC

Using the SketchUp plugin I’ve switched over to the Sefaira web interface and want to spec HVAC options in detail.
Is HVAC System Type = PTHP/Split System (System 2) my starting point for a mini-split variable speed inverter heat pump? Somewhat confused on translating a mini-split using “HVAC Templates”.

Hi float,

Sorry for the slow response. Yes that’s the correct system to use. It’s essentially a system where you have a reverse-cycle unit inside (typically hung on the wall) with a refrigerant piping connection to an outside condenser.

For this system, “PTHP” stands for “Package Terminal Heat Pump”.

Note also that the DOAS part of this system (Dedicated Outdoor Air System) is rarely integrated into the split. It’s assuming you’ve got a separate system doing the ventilation (eg MVHR unit).