Editing 3D Warehouse building for energy simulation purpose

Hello All,
I am new to the sketch up tool.
I belong to a research project for that we need to edit buildings for energy simulation.When i downloaded the buildings geometry from 3 D ware house and open it in sketch up…the space ,surface ,subsurface details are missing.So the simulation throws exception in openstudio like “Zone has no space assigned”.Is there any way to assign space and surface details in downloaded 3 d ware house buildings using sketch up?Most of the buildings downloaded will have only outer surfaces .interior partitions are missing.How can i assign space details to a building?

You can edit models you’ve downloaded from the 3D Warehouse and add whatever details you need.

The level of detail you’ll get in buildings available in the Warehouse varies based on what the author needed from the model. Often the buildings are just shells and would be used to populate locations. They might have only been intended as a sort of background.

As for how to add those details you need, it depends upon exactly how the model was drawn in the first place. You’ll need to learn how to use SketchUp for that.

Thank you for the reply…

So from this outer /back ground details…is there any way to define spaces?how can we use the create new sapce functionality over here in this type of buildings?

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I don’t full understand what you are asking but your first step would be to learn to use SketchUp or hire someone who can do the work.

You may also find Sefaira an interesting tool to do this sort of analysis. Nice tight integration with SketchUp.


I am guessing in many cases interior partitions are not required ( thinking exterior walls and of course roof) unless the level of accuracy of analysis is very stringent. Check out NREL ( National Renewal Energy Lab) ironically they are in Boulder and they specialize in solar cells technology, solar panels etc. and have worked a number of years on buildings. including analysis programs. They may have some info that my help you, you will have to do some digging on their site. Or even talk to them.

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