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Hello All,
I am a new comer in sketch up…I belonging to a research project where we need to simulate building energy consumption.
May I have the details like how long it will take to construct a school building of 3 floors have 50 classrooms,20 labs,50 offices,2 cafeteria,2 theaters using sketch up tool which will be used in open studio for simulation .

And do we get any professional help for constructing buildings(5-10 buildings) as per our requirement iif we are ready to pay for that?

Are you looking to hire someone to do some 3D modeling for you?

The amount of time it will take depends on a number of factors such as the skill level of the person doing the modeling, the amount of information you provide, and the level of detail you require. There’s no way to answer your question from the little bit of information you’ve provided.

If you wish to hire someone to do the work, that will be between you and them.

This is not part of what a SketchUp software license provides.

But Trimble is a large company and may have other product divisions that assist in design and construction assistance.

For instance, see Trimble’s Construction & Operations division:

Your request implies a significant requirement for professional design ccnsultation, which is beyond the scope of SketchUp as a design tool. Certainly SU can be a valuable resource for implementing many of the studies you refer to, however, your needs indicate that architects and engineers with the specific levels of expertise should be engaged.

As a practical approach, you may wish to post an RFP (Request for Proposals) under this category on the SketchUp Community Forum. The RFP should include pertinent project information such as site boundary and topographic data, anticipated construction budget, anticipated scheduling needs, specific uses of each building and facility sizes (building design program), etc.

Valid responses to an RFP will typically identify similar works of the respondent as well as their fee and associated time frame for completing the work. Respondents will likely provide relevant examples of previous work, certifications, evidence of licensure and professional capacity.

This is not possible to evaluate without having a finite building program to guide the effort. The logical first step would be to open a dialogue with an architect to explore feasible options.

Obviously, if you are willing and ready to become a client, you can obtain any level of professional assistance desired, assuming both parties concur with the terms of a mutually acceptable contract. Many participants in this forum are professional service providers (myself included). You may contact me personally to further discuss your requirements if you are interested. You can send a Private Message to me by clicking my avatar in this post and hitting the message button.


J. V. Lee, Architect

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Are you using Sefaira to simulate the energy consumption? If so, the tutorials might teach you enough of what you need to know. If not, it might be best to learn how to do the basic shapes yourself by hiring an online trainer, such as myself or others.

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