Heating results not compatible with location

Me and my classmates are all running into the same problem. We are not getting the changes to our settings to really differentiate. And the heating dominated results don’t make sense in our climate.SAFAIRA MODEL 10;12;20_CARE FACILITY_ARC410.skp (1.5 MB)

Hi @james.brisco,

The reason why you are seeing heating for this project in California is because:

  • You are simulating a healthcare project, and Sefaira defaults to a high ACH, which has the outside air being brought into the space 24/7 to meet healthcare requirements. When brining in fresh air during the night that air needs to be conditioned 365 nights a year. If you were to apply the healthcare template in the web app you are able to see the air change rates for the project. Which should be significantly higher than say an office space.

  • The plugin will simulate a one zone per floor analysis which means that your solar gains are distributed throughout the floor, and not typical of an actual building where the perimeter zones will typically require no heating during the day is because the perimeter zones is where the solar gain is absorbed and distributed throughout the space. Uploading the model to the web interface and switching to basic perimeter/core zoning should in practice move the needle in the right direction.

  • Conversely, if you were to switch the project type to an office space then you will notice that the numbers are aligned with your intuition. Primarily because the space is conditioned during the day (i.e., not much need for heating as opposed to the night times) and second the outdoor air requirements and rate are not as high as a healthcare project.

Hope this helps?

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Yes. This helps tremendously Niraj. Thank you so much.