FredoScale partial scaling



Fredo6 makes great extensions, but so-so tutorials…
In this instance, I’m trying to use the scaling functionality that allows one to move the plane from which the partial scaling of a group can be achieved.
The (silent) tutorial that covers the topic only mentions the F4 key as the toggle for this, but my mac has other ideas as to what happens when I try this.
PNG’s of what I’m trying to get to, taken from the tutorial “” at about the 3 minute mark, referring to a “scaling box”, along with the grey-boxed tool’s icon:


But, why did you post here ?
The tool’s author Fredo is far more likely to read your post [and reply] if you ask questions in this tool’s thread at SketchUcation, from where I assume you downloaded it ??


if you do a ⌘F search at the link @TIG provides for F4 mac you will find this from Fredo as one of the results…

You can change the key assignments and show more (or less) toolbar icons by modifying the settings in the FreeScale Default Parameters dialog box (the menu entry is under FreeScale, not under LibFredo6).
To activate the slicer and divider, you also have the contextual menus.



OK thanks, I wasn’t aware… I’m trying to navigate Fredo’s site as we speak, having never used it before.
No joy up to now…


Two reasons:
1- Fredo isn’t the only one who can provide an answer.
2- I always get good answers from this forum.


I am afraid you are mistaken.

Fredo is this tool’s author - so if anyone can definitively answer your questions, then surely it is him.

Also you will get better answers on this topic at SketchUcation - it is where Fredo, and many others, base their extension downloads - where they have in-depth forum pages etc which have many users who visit frequently - so even if Fredo doesn’t answer immediately, then there’s likely to be another experienced user who will be able to help…


I can really understand if you don’t like SketchUcation, its design is quite awful to say the least and usability really suffers from how heavy and cluttered it feels.

However, your chances of getting an answer to your question greatly improves by asking in the plugin’s own thread on SketchUcation. Perhaps the question is already answered in that thread after someone else have asked it.


Thanks, Julia…
You’re right about SketchUcation’s design leaving much to be desired. Fredo6’s work is also a bit unwieldy, which is a pity when you consider how handy his extensions are.
I’ve managed to navigate through the board and find what I was looking for, but it makes me wish I wasn’t such a klutz and could get to work on a “Fredo6 for dummies”.
I’m sure it’d become a best-seller, or best-downloader, in no time flat.
Again, thank you.


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