5k Screens & ultra small extension menus / tool bars

So I am aware of the short comings with the iMac Pro 5k screens and line weights, end points etc…

I can live with that…and also aware of dumbing down the resolution of SKP etc…or bumping up line weights to compensate.

What I’m really interested in is when will we be able to get 3rd party extensions that have detailed sub menu windows and tool operations windows that are NOT minuscule on the 5k screens? The extension tool “icons” pallets are sized accordingly and match the native SKP icons…so there is a head scratcher going on here…

Do we have to reach out to the developers of the individual extensions and ask for 5k versions?

Case in point Fredo RoundCorner.

Sorry if this has been covered already…

Fredo uses special tool palette library he wrote, so this is kind of Fredo-specific.

He would be responsible to check the UI scale factor and scaling up his interface.
Perhaps there is a API bug on the Mac ? Let’s ping him …


Could you open the Ruby Console and type UI.scale_factor.

Second, if you have SU2017 and higher, you can scale up the palette.

Go to Window > LibFredo6 Settings… > Default Parameters
In the first 3 lines, you have parameters that you can adjust.

Maybe you just need to

  • increase the value of the Screen Factor
  • Make sure the two other check boxes are checked.

I have an iMac with a 5K screen, and I use some of @Fredo6’s wonderful extensions. Are you really using SketchUp 2018 (listed in your forum profile) when you see the tiny Fredo UI elements? For me, 2018 renders his UI elements at normal-ish size. On the other hand, SketchUp 2016 and earlier do not have “proper” support for high-resolution displays, which is good and bad in my opinion: the Fredo UI elements are tiny, but the appearance of model geometry edges is super-fine, which makes for an amazingly detailed drawing of a complex SketchUp model.

Starting in 2017 (I think), SketchUp added more support for high-resolution displays which was also good and bad: it allowed the Fredo UI elements to be bigger (good), but it also means that model geometry edges are drawn with heavier line thickness (bad).

Edited to add: I didn’t notice @Fredo6’s post right above mine when I was composing my post (silly me). I hadn’t previously been aware that the Fredo UI could be scaled on recent SketchUp versions! That’s nice.

Good Morning…

My UI.scale_factor displays 1.0

I’m not a Ruby Console user…so you’ll have to guide me through any actions to take there…

The “Default Parameters” were set as you had shown, so I bumped it up to 2.0 under “High Resolution Screen Factor” and it made the palette larger, but the text remained the same ultra small.

…don’t know if this also may be contributing to my issue, but I am also not too familiar with the “best practice” way to update these extensions…my bad i know…but any help here would be welcomed…thanks :slight_smile:

yes…I am still using SKP PRO 2018, as its a real pain to reload all the extensions. Unless I’m missing some trick or “way” to expedite the process…upgrading to SKP 2019 has not been a high priority, as i’m not in need of dashed lines lol :wink:

I tried @Fredo6 suggestions and was able to resize the palette, but the text remained ultra small, so I’m not out of the woods yet.

Thanks for your suggestions TDahl, maybe you could explain a simple or “correct” way to migrate existing extensions to SKP 2019.

Shoot…I don’t really understand even how to update the ones I have now…my bad, I know :frowning:

Obviously before you do any further troubleshooting, you need to get those outdated extensions updated. The easiest way to do this is to install the SketchUcation Plugin Store and use it to install the various outdated extensions. If you had been using it all along, it would also let you know that there are SCF-hosted extensions that need to be updated and would do the updating for you.

Using the SketchUcation Plugin Store to install extensions from SketchUcation also results in a “bundle” that can be installed automatically when you upgrade.

There’s more than just dashed lines in 2019.

Install extensions fresh from their source. Don’t simply copy them from an old version to a new one. As above, if you’d been using the Sketchucation Plugin Store, you could install extensions from there in the new version. When it is time for me to upgrade to SketchUp 2020, I’ll install the Sketchucation tool and then use it to install the bundle from 2019.

The Extension Warehouse has similar capability for extensions hosted there.
Screenshot - 1_24_2020 , 8_50_18 AM

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easier said than done mate!

Am I missing the obvious here…or does just clicking the Install icon “update” said extension?

I don’t get that sort of warning when I got to the link. There’s no security problem with Sketchucation.

So you already have the Sketchucation Plugin Store installed? Is it the current version? Did you use it to install Fredo6’s extensions?

You should at least be able to download and install the outdated extensions.

You can keep Fredo6’s panel open while you update so you can see which ones need it.

After you’ve installed the updated extensions, quit SketchUp and restart so they all load fresh. You can then check again for all green.

that’s my issue here Dave, If ExtensionStore 3.1.8 is the latest…then YES I have it installed.

As you will see I only have 2 icon options to click on…the INFO one and the INSTALL one.

So assuming it is the latest, I’m still painfully unaware of how-to “update” said extensions…

Updated the extension…results as shown.
Some type bigger sizes…others like “Edge Prop. Filter” & Borders, Corners & Inner Edges display smaller text…is that typical @Fredo6 ?? Thanks anyways for all the help.

thanks mate…got the updates sorted, don’t know why Firefox threw up the restricted access to the Sketchucation site…just another typical Friday issues i guess.

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Good to hear it works.

However, I still need to understand why UI.scale_factor returns 1.0 on your 5K monitor. Obviously, Sketchup itself is using a much higher scale factor for its own dialogs and toolbar. Maybe a bug…?

…you’re much more knowledgeable on those matters than I am mate. If there is anything more you’d like to see from my issue…just let me know.

I work professionally within the 3D design fields, and consider all software a time saving tool of the trade…I’ll be the first to admit I get easily frustrated when the “tool” behaves abnormally that I have to start peeling back the layers and explore the inner-workings to get a fix, or a solution. So for now its back to paid-work after my intensive lesson in understanding more of the intricacies of SKP and associated extensions. I really appreciate your help.

With regards to the UI.scale factor issue…it is weird for sure…even more so that once I up-sized the screen factor…it had the desired result on your pallet and some of the text but not ALL of the text…

If he did not have Mac Scaled Resolution (aka Display Scaling on MS Win,) set and MacOS has a default of 100% (like Windows does) than you’d see 1.0.

If it’s set to 150%, you’d see 1.5, … 200%, you’d see 2.0, etc.

Please remember that SketchUp has a separate setting for large/small toolbar buttons that predated the High-DPI support.

Could you give us the return values from executing these snippets in the console …


… and …


Sure can Dan…

My scale factor seems to be indicative now of what both the ruby console says and Fredo’s parameter window says…

I have to jump off now guys as this is all happening at my office…and Friday afternoon is calling my name. Thanks for the ongoing efforts.