Fredo6 plugins - LEGACY versions prior SU2017

For users of Sketchup versions PRIOR to SU2017

Due to a change of in the Trimble framework for releasing extensions, I am no longer able to create new versions of my plugins for SketchUp versions prior to SU2017.

FROM NOW ON, all my plugins will ONLY be maintained for SU2017 and above.

For convenience, I have archived the latest versions of my plugins in the Sketchucation ExtensionStore. They are all prefixed with Prior_2017 keyword.

These legacy versions are

  • compatible with SU versions up to SU2016 included
  • NOT compatible with SU2017 and later version
    I have also disabled the Check Plugins for Update functionality in these legacy versions.

Here are the link to legacy versions released so far in the ExtensionStore.


Thank you for your efforts creating wonderful extensions, @Fredo6! Also thank you for doing your part to accommodate users of older SketchUp versions.

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