Fredo6 library on macOS High Sierra

@Fredo6 I just updated to macOs High Sierra and I am getting the following error on start from SU 2017 17.3.116. I updated to the latest version of LibFredo6 (7.7e).

Fredo load (1.4 KB)

This begs the obvious question…
Do you have the latest LibFredo installed and have you restarted SketchUp /
Also, why didn’t you post this issue in the appropriate thread at, where it would surely get a more appropriate response, particularly from Fredo himself…

Grumpy today? The first two questions are answered in my post! As to why here not sketchucation, I just had this forum open at the time.

I’m not grumpy - at least any more that usual :wink:.
I’m just stating the bleeding obvious [ as we say in the UK ]

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