Fredo6 Animator Follow Path problem

Hello everybody,
I have a problem that I’ve been trying to solve for 2 weeks,
i want to animate a train.
the problem is that the train always turns between a and b and between c and d on its own axis. I’ve tried all possible but haven’t found a solution. I also deleted and redrawn lines once, here the problem was seen elsewhere.

Another question in a moment. I would like to attach a wagon to the train. Do I have to re-anneal every single car, or is there a copy function here, or something similar?

Many greetings and thanks in advanceDJ-train.skp (444.7 KB)

Why not post directly in the Fredo6 Animator thread at SketchUcation - you’ll be more likely to get noticed…

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Hello, after Justin Geis recommended this to me, I signed up for the first time today and am still a bit inexperienced here and hope for the solution. Thank you for the TIP !

The problem is identified (I implemented the roller-coaster algorithm…!).

I will fix it and republish.

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wow, they’re great !! . I’m looking forward to the update and the simulation. One more question, there is the possibility to hang several roller coaster cars on (copy or similar )

Hello, have a happy and above all healthy New Year! I downloaded the new update yesterday (3.0a from 01/06/2021)
Unfortunately there is still the problem that the container rotates in the animation on its own axis.
Am i doing something wrong?

That’s normal. I did not publish the fix yet in this release. I need a few more tests and adjustments.

ah thanks for the info, then I wish you continued success! greetings

Animator now performs the Move Along Path with upright orientation.

You need to upgrade to LibFredo6 v11.5a.