FredoSix Animator - Multiple Objects along same Path

I’ve been playing with FredoSix Animator, and it is great!!! It handles nearly everything.

I’m running into a problem, although I’ve found a workaround. I am just wondering if there is a better solution I am missing.

The main goal is to animate multiple boxes moving along the same conveyor path.

If I select one box, and animate it along the path, it works as expected, perfect.

If I select multiple boxes, and animate it along the path, the origin of the 1st box acts as the pivot for the rest of the boxes, sending my boxes far off the path.

My workaround is to individually select and animate each box. However, if I select the same path, it’s offset, so it requires an additional translation movement to align it to the same path (simply moving forward to touch the path).

I’m doing this manually, as I haven’t found a copy and paste function within Animator that makes sense for this. This works, but my ultimate goal is to do this in a full sized warehouse which may have 50-100 boxes moving.

Is there a better way that anyone knows?

You might ask in the Animator thread on Sketchucation.

As an aside, that last example kinda shows what I understand fighter pilots discovered: A leader and his wingman can’t turn quickly and stay in formation. The solution was to trade places. After a turn, the wingman becomes the leader and the leader becomes his wingman. Not what you’re looking for, but an interesting illustration.

Thanks Dave, I did post on SketchuCation but will repost into that specific thread.

I like aviation so very cool. Didn’t know they switch.

My only “education” on wingmen is Top Gun so always assumed a lead guy was the lead guy. Good to know!