Animation Problem Fredo Animator with Vray Plugin

Good evening everyone! I have a problem plugin Fredo Animator when rendering animation using Vray render occurs and animation on Vray is not
Version Vray 4.20.02, Version Sketchup 2020, Fredo’s Freeware Animator_v2.6c
Thank you!!

Assume you have the ffmpeg installed?
Once the animation rendering is complete there is a “save and exit” which will assemble the frames and delete the image sequence.

yes installed


Have you solved the issue?

Cheers Nick

Good evening, no, I didn’t decide

@Eldar please… I have the same problem. I need a fix. Please help me out. How did you solve this?

I don’t even know, I think the plug-in developer needs to contact, after updating vray, it stopped working for me
This page says animator is only compatible with vray 3.4. Have you tried this?

works with vray 3.4, but I have 4.20

I have now a contact at Chaos Group. So hopefully, we’ll get this solved.


Hello Fredo… have you received any reply from Chaos Group?
I am working on a project where the client wants a car movement on the Y-Axis but V-Ray 4 is not rendering the Animator’s ‘Translation’… it renders all the frames and the car moves in the viewport but remains static in the renders.
However out of curiosity I tried animating a 2D object (Laura) on the same Y-Axis in the same SketchUp file and V-Ray 4 rendered it’s movement perfectly.
Please help!

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The problem with VRay 4.2 rendering should be fixed with LibFredo6 v10.9a.

Thanks to report if this works for all of you.



thank you very much for your help!

Fredo, you are a genius and a God send! Thank you so much for your amazing plugins!!
The car animation in SketchUp 2020 with V-Ray 4 is working like a charm.
Again, thank you so much… God will truly bless you!


it seems that i have a similar problem.
i try to generate the movie, but in the middle of the sketch up crashed during the rendering with vray.
i created an apparition but when i open the frames that already been rendered it looks like the apparition didnt work at all.
i’m using sketch up 2017 make, vray 4.2 and the LibFredo6_v11.2c.
i installed the plugin ffmpeg.
any suggestions?

I think I have read somewhere here that V-ray 4.2 is not compatible with SketchUp 2017 but I am not sure.

i already rendered pictures and it worked fine.
i have problems with generating a movie file.

… which might mean they are only partially compatible ? Context Chaos Group through their forum.

Hello Fredo and forum, I’m currently using the Beta for Vray 5 and it’s not compatible with Animator. This makes sense, since the product isn’t even out on the market…the thing is, that VRay Vision in Vray 5 is awesome and I don’t want to go back to Vray next. Once you load a model in Vray 5 though, it’s no longer compatible with earlier versions.
Is there any way you could tweak animator so that it works with Vray 5 already? Thanks so much in advance,

Good afternoon! I think you need to wait for the update Fredo6 Library “LibFredo6”…