Fredo animator - V-Ray 5 VBF problem

I’m having a problem that I really need to solve.
I’m Using V-ray 5, Sketchup Pro 21 and freddo animator.
The problem is whem I start to rendering the video, the rendering progress is not showed in VBF. I can’t even see any type of progress in V-ray Progress Window and I can even change settings in the Asset Editor.
Although this happens the frames are being render (but I think like a background operation).
As the rendering is being donne in “background” the V-Ray Swarm does not work to!

Any one can help me with this please?

Do you mean you don’t see the Progression dialog?


Can you open the Ruby Console to see if there are errors, and if not follow the progression of the rendering.


For VRay5 specifically, I will soon change the way the rendering is done, making it faster and hopefully allowing all VRay features.

No. That one I can see. I meant the V-Ray progess window. It appear but don’t show any kind of information. But I now that v-ray is runnig becouse the frames are being save in the animator folder.

Then, what is the issue?

When I star via Animator the video render, the progresse don’t show up in the V-Ray VBF and in the V-ray progesse window. And most important, the V-Ray swarm don’t work.

The Rendering is done via the VRay API. Apparently, the API does not show the rendered image in the VFB.

Same for Swarm, not supported via the API.

Thank you!
That is bad.
In V-Ray 3.4 it didn’t work like that. And swarm works very good!

It`s possible that Chaos could help to addapt its API so that animator would work with Swarm.

You can inform them of your concern over their website`s contact page:
Contact us | Chaos.

facing the same issue.