Fredo Licensing for Offline Machine

I have two work computers, one online and one permanently offline, but my primary work is done offline. After completing the Fredo licensing online, is it possible to move the validated license file to the offline machine, or is the validation only good for the machine doing the validating (i.e. tied to the MAC address)? Or is there a way to specify the intended MAC address of the target machine to validate online and then move offline (similar to how the SU offline licenses work)?

Looking ahead to other extensions to purchase, are all licenses via Sketchucation handled the same way or are there specifics to how Fredo’s are handled?

You really should be asking this at Sketchucation. All of Fredo6’s licensed extensions and a few others are handled by the Sketchucation ExtensionStore. As with your SketchUp subscription, it need to ping the server once every 28 days or so.

Please update your forum profile.

Thanks Dave, will post over there. Profile updated.