Fredo Animator - Camera field of view

I have a small issue with Fredo Animator which perhaps the community can help me with.
I would like be able to use the scenes which I already have in sketchup in Fredo Animator. Of course, this is listed as an option if one goes to, new camera, then select - from scene and then define the scene.
The problem, however, is that the zoom factor between scenes in sketchup and animator is not the same. I generally have my field of view for cameras set to between 45-60 degrees and it seems that the camera in Animator is set to 90 degrees. Is there a way to modify this so that the sketchup scene used in animator shows the same image as the sketchup scene when viewed in sketchup? I suspect that I just need to find how to adjust the camera fov in animator and match to the sketchup zoom tool and we`ll be good to go. Perhaps someone could be of assistance? Thanks in advance

In principle, Animator takes the FOV of the scene (or captured view).

Could you share a model where you have the problem.

Hi Fredo, thanks so much for answering.
Perhaps I have misunderstood what the problem is and it is not the field of view at all, but here is a simple zoom-in exported from the native sketchup animation made from 3 scenes and also the same 3 scenes placed in Fredo Animator. Certainly, the videos don`t look the same. The first frame of the animator video is the same as the first frame of the sketchup video but at frame two, the camera seems to jump back in the animator sequence, or, I thought, the field of view is altered. This can be avoided by capturing the camera view manually in animator so that the views look like the views in the sketchup scenes and then the flythroughs are great but it would be an asset to be able to use the sketchup cameras if possible. Your help is much appreciated.

Chaos Cosmos test.skp (10.5 MB)

Quick Note to the post above. Both videos which I uploaded can be seen on a pc but only the first functions with a mobile device. I have informed the SketchUp team of the issue.

Looks to me the camera returns to the first scenes starting point. (Loop)
Though I only can view the first video so perhaps the second video when compared illustrates the problem?