FR: Context Menu Manager

Having lots of extensions by many great developers has really populated the context menu.

At times the context menu is unusable.

Creating a simple manager to show and hide context menu items seems like a solution to consider.

Right now the only alternative is to disable extensions when not in use.

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Sounds a bit like extension hoarding. How about disabling extensions you use rarely, and re-enabling them when you actually need them? That is what the Extension manager is for.

This is not the case.

There is one specific extension of great importance that i have that adds 4 items to the context menu.

Honestly the extension is just as useful without any of the context menu items.

Having a handful of extensions that do this makes the context menu cluttered.

I do not want to call out specific developers.

It is not just extension developers, there is some of the SU default context menu items that i never use that I would not show as well.