FOV and 2point perspective

I can’t set my scenes right for sketching, without Field of view.

Also it’s very easy to loose two point perspective when panning or zooming. In the desktop it’s only lost when orbiting.

Agreed, i have the same issue trying to pan a two point perspective into view, you have to be very very gentle with the two finger pan.

2 options for setting FOV:

  1. 3- finger swipe up/down
  2. activate the dedicated Zoom tool and use the measurements box.

When in 2-pt perspective, I’d recommend using the dedicated Zoom and Pan tools to avoid accidentally triggering an orbit while using pinch or 2-finger pan gestures. That’s actually one of the main reasons we kept those nav tools in the toolbar.


Perfect. thanks mike.

Thanks. I didn’t know about three finger swiping at all. I’d swear trying it once, I saw the measurement box pop up, and go away when I let go, but it’s not repeatable unless there’s some other trick to that. It does offer a read out of what you’re getting while doing the action.

On desktop, the Pan tool is the one navigation tool I actually use for this reason, but mostly on orthographic views I don’t want to accidentally orbit slightly.

@RTCool you’re absolutely right about orthographic views being the other main reason why the dedicated nav tools are useful/necessary.

For reference, there’s a nifty, interactive thingy we’ve built and placed in the Learn Tab (see “Gestures and Shortcuts”). In addition to being able to tap one of the gesture cards in the grid below, you can then see a short video of each thing in the player above. Tapping the Share button in the header (to the left of the close ‘x’) will give you the option to save/share/print a page layout quick reference card of the Gesture options. There’s a similar interactive thingy and printable sheet for Autoshape stuff (with a glaring typo we’re aware of…).

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