Forming accurate pipe bend

Can someone suggest the best extension to use to create the missing section of pipe in this bend? The straight sections are easy enough.

Bend.skp (560.9 KB)

Generally I would use Follow Me to create something that looks like this.

Not quite. I know you can make an approximation but I was after a faithful model. I downloaded the 2D drawing from a manufacturer’s website. When you look at it you realize that the bend itself doesn’t quite do what you would expect. I think if you used Follow Me on the 2D drawing you would end up with a gap between the bend and the collar section. I read about clever extensions like Curviloft that can do this kind of thing but I hoped not to have to experiment with them all and rely instead on the experience of the forum to advise.

This is the kind of thing you get with Follow Me:

What are you defining as a “faithful model”?

You get a gap when you use Follow Me because you haven’t set up the path correctly.

That’s not what I got with Follow Me. I got what I showed.

Maybe I am misinterpreting your image.

If you did a section through the centre of the pipe you drew, does it line up perfectly with the 2D image in my model?

My doesn’t line up perfectly. I perhaps mistakenly thought you wanted a 90° bend so I fixed the large end of the pipe. If the pipe were bent to match your curves, there’d be a kink in it which would create problems. Maybe you want that kink?

Curiloft does work also. But I had to move one of you arcs to a vertex.


Yes I do want the kink. Over here, 90 degree bends in foul drainage pipework are actually 87.5 degrees, but even then it is clear that the pipe section must change subtly as it meets the collar. That is what I was having difficulty with.

Now you tell me. I guess maybe Curviloft would be the tool if you really need that kink.

OK cheers, it sounds like Curviloft is my man!

Just a note I used the “skin contours” tool.

Cheers, I’ll give it a whirl.

Boysoboys, it works like a dream!