FORMATO DE ARCHIVO INESPERADO, no puedo abrir mi archivo

No, no tengo el archivo de SKB. Esa parte que incluye Información de Sketchup no se puede recuperar aunque sea?

@colin Hola, quisiera que me ayudaran a recuperar mi archivo, siempre me sale error inesperado. OFICINAS SKP - Google Drive
Ahí se encuentra el skp como el skb

Your file had a bad group in it but it opened for me in SketchUp 2023 Pro. I note there’s a lot of unused stuff in your file. Purging it resulted in this:
Screenshot - 11_8_2023 , 9_54_03 AM

What version of SketchUp are you really using? It is not SketchUp Free as you put in your forum profile.

3D FINAL purged.skp (13.6 MB)

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Muchas pero muchas gracias…la verdad estaba triste pensando en volver hacerlo nuevamente

hola no puedo abrir mi archivo, me sale un mensaje que dice que es un formato de archivo inesperado @colin necesito ayuda por favor, adjunto mi archivo

We recently updated SketchUp, and one improvement was to handle errors in the model better. In your model there is one group that has a problem, and that would stop the file from opening in the earlier version of SketchUp. It does open in the latest version.

Here is your file:

I’m crying, thank you very very much, you just saved my job!!

Hello @colin I would very much appreciate if you could help me recover this file. Here is a wetransfer link with both files SKP and SKB. Thank you in advance!
Wetransfer link:

What version of SketchUp are you really using? Your profile says 2021 Free Plan. Does that mean you are using a crack version? What operating system?

I was able to open your file in SketchUp 2023. There was a bad group in the model. I also found and fixed incorrect tag usage.
Screenshot - 12_29_2023 , 12_10_53 PM
Purged unused content.
Screenshot - 12_29_2023 , 12_11_12 PM
And reduced some obscenely huge texture files.
Screenshot - 12_29_2023 , 12_11_46 PM
This reduced the file size by 60%.

I’ll upload the file shortly.

I would really appreciate that. Its my first post I would never imagine it would be this fast. It says Sketchup PRO 2021 in a work office PC. It’s an important file that was handled to me. It shut down and couldn’t work on anymore. Thank you in advance!

It also shows in the screenshot you sent that you are using a crack code which is illegal so I won’t be sharing the fixed file with you. If this is your employer’s computer let them know they need a legitimate subscription license for SketchUp.

hola necesito ayuda para recuperar mi archivo! gracias MODELADO KURT NUEVO ULT1.skp - Google Drive

Hola! Estoy desesperado! No se si fue culpa del Google Drive o del Sketchup pero no puedo abrir el archivo en el que estaba trabajando, inclusive el backup, Please Help!!!

Lo pueden descargar de acá (renombré el .skb para ver si andaba): PimmodoreRGB


necesito ayuda con lo mismo, para recuperar mi archivo. @colin

The backup file will open.

I took the liberty of purging unused components. Here’s a;link to your file

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double post from here.

Please, don’t do that.


Curiously, I just noticed the Sketchup the software would not open the file until I removed the Ñ character from the file name. I’ve never seen this happen before!

Edit, I have seen this before. It was a problem with UTF-8 vs UCS-2 LE charcter encoding.

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Interesting, I wonder how would I name a bathroom redesign project in Spanish without the “Ñ”

I also deactivated the profiles, reduced the size of some materials and geometry, now its less than 80mb.

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Hello everyone, I need your help, I had a bugsplat when smoothing a line, now I get the message UNEXPECTED FILE FORMAT, please I need to recover the model, I have been working for more than 1 month, @colin

(atlantis.skp - Google Drive)