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Fingerboarding Pool

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Mars House Concept (I might keep iterating this idea)

It’s also a space ship. What would be a good type of propulsion system for it? I like ion thrusters because they’re so efficient, but they can’t generate enough thrust for liftoff. And liquid fuel is too bulky, expensive, and pretty much only works once.

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You probably want to stick to liquid or chemical engines if you are taking off from a planet, ion type engines are only really good for transfers that stay in orbit.

Most concepts for advanced landers include using a fuel source that can be produced and refined in situ or in orbit. So for Luna and Mars it would by Hydrogen and Oxygen.

Ion engines although efficient are very slow, there are lots of faster options available. Have a look at this chart, each option gives a full run down on whats what:

I tried modeling a Gasdynamic Mirror engine here:

It’s a type of fusion engine, it would allow you to Mars in pretty much a straight line:

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SketchUp Style

Component Credits (from the 3D Warehouse):
Traffic Light - SketchUp
Cars - FormFonts3D
2D People - Lee Kew-Moss


Are these lights have good direction? :wink:


I made the lights in Pages to speed up the render time.

I’m designing this house for fun, but it’s not done yet.

I might build this fingerboarding handrail, but it’s still in the design stage. My building materials are just cardboard, wooden dowels, and I might print the textures and paste them on the cardboard (depending on the cost of printing). And the handrail’s supposed to be wooden dowels painted metallic. Ideally, I want to get the textures really good for the print.

This gallery has officially gotten too big, so I’m calling it quits. My next posts in the gallery will hopefully be finished projects. Maybe I’ll start up a blog too…

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Minimalist Cube 1 Bedroom Studio Concept

2” thick roof (.25:12 pyramidal slope)
1.98” Steel framework for support

  • 1” Vacuum Insulated Panels (R-30 - R-50) nested inside steel framework
  • .25” steel top plate nested & welded inside framework
  • .125” steel ceiling plate nested & welded inside framework

.01” thick plastic roofing
.01” thick plastic ceiling
Electric snow melting wire network on top

2” thick floor
1.98” Steel framework for support

  • .5” Vacuum Insulated Panels (R-15) nested inside framework
  • .25” steel floor plate nested & welded inside framework
  • .125” steel underfloor plate nested & welded inside framework

.02” thick plastic interior floor

2” thick walls
1.98” Steel framework for support

  • .5” Vacuum Insulated Panels (R-15) nested inside framework
  • .25” steel plate exterior nested & welded inside framework
  • .125” steel interior plate nested & welded inside framework

.01” thick plastic facade
.01” thick plastic interior wall

The bathroom is inside the middle room.

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Similar in concept to Phillip Johnson’s Glass House, except the shell is glass, and his bathroom is a cylinder, and stone to contrast with the rest of the house.

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Modular furniture set (work in progress)
I’m planning on adding more surface types, such as wood for tables, and maybe even cabinetry and drawers parts. The idea is you can easily build whatever furniture you want with these interchangeable parts. No tools required. Just pinch and connect!


Around the turn of the century a Finnish design company reinvented the hammock. It’s frame uses similar connections.

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Roller Coaster Mega Ramp



What could go wrong.:roll_eyes:


I feel sure that Evel Knievel wasn’t involved in the design of those ramps.

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Fingerboarding Rail


Yess… My skate spot is complete.


I made a four dimensional grid today.

Untitled3fe.skp (664.4 KB)

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