Font's disapeared since Sierra

When I pick the text tool I now only get this dialog and no other fonts but the default

Still using SketchUp 2015? It is not updated for Sierra so it’s not unlikely there would be problems.

Out of curiosity, have you looked at Font Book?

Yeah SKP 2015 - so upgrade to maintenance skplan or no fonts ?

Will Font book bring the fonts back ?

Upgrade to a version of SketchUp that will work with the operating system you’ve opted to use. Sierra was released on the world in September 2016. SketchUp 2017 came shortly after.

No. I wasn’t implying that. I was just wondering if you can access the fonts through font Book. If not, that might imply they aren’t resident on the computer. It’s unlikely but it doesn’t cost anything to look.

Yeah great, my directors love to be hassled for the company credit card on a regular basis to use a piece of software not sanctioned in the office. Lots of people won’t be upgrading to the “maintenance plan”
I will do at home… anyway thanks

I guess the alternative is to stick with operating systems under which the various old, no longer supported programs being used were designed to work.

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