Mac fonts not showing up

I have been googling for an hour, a bit amazed I can’t find an answer to this. I’m on a new Mac Mini, Big Sur OS. Using latest web version of SU Pro. In SU, I have 4 fonts available. These fonts are not in Font Book. None of the fonts I have in Font Book are available (many of them are .ttf).

How do I add new fonts if I am on a Mac? Where are the default fonts I am seeing configured?

Did you type Cmd-T inside SketchUp ?
This is what I see as the choice of fonts in SketchUp Pro 2021 on a mac:
I did not add any new fonts.

This is confusing. There is no web version of SketchUp Pro. The versions that run in a web browser are Free and Shop. It sounds from your question like you are in fact using one of these. The web based SketchUp is preloaded with a few fonts for use with the 3D text tool, 5 fonts I think for the free version. The entire program is running remotely from the cloud and does not have access to any of the fonts installed on your computer, you cannot add any fonts to the web version.

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@endlessfix is correct. Your profile and question are confusing because there is no web-based SketchUp Pro. He’s also correct that the web based versions don’t use system fonts. Only the fonts listed.There’s not an option to add fonts to SketchUp Free or SketchUp Shop.

Please correct your profile to reflect the correct version of SketchUp.

Very embarrassing. Your are correct. I am using the Shop version. Sorry for the distraction:(

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No worries.

Now your profile says you are using the free web version not Shop. Might want to correct that as there are differences and the correct information helps us help you.

If access to other fonts is an important part of your intended workflow you might want to consider downloading SketchUp Make17 for desktop while it is still available. That version is getting old and has some limitations now but it can access all the fonts that are loaded onto your mac. You could create 3D fonts in Make17, save them, and then import the .skp files into shop to work with.