Followme around a circle

I’m attempting to make a sloped circular hole through a wall. I’m sure there is a name for this kind of hole but imagine a circular conic section taken out of a wall.

My attempt: push/pull a circular hole through a wall. Draw a triangle perpendicular to the circle with the desired slope. Use followme to fill in around the circle.

As you can see the short leg of the triangle never forms a surface. Any pointers on why this might be happening or a better way to go about it?

Very likely it’s due to the geometry being too small. If you work at a larger scale, you’ll get the faces to fill in. There are easier ways to create a tapered hole, though. One would be to select the circle on one side and use the Scale tool.

Another way would be to find a cardinal point on the circle with the Move tool and use it to resize the circle. You can find the cardinal points by hovering over the vertices on the edge of the circle. When the edge does not highlight, you are on a cardinal point.


Another approach which is very simple: select one of the circles forming an edge of the hole and open up the Entity Info dialog box. Find the Radius field in Entity Info and enter a new dimension value. The circle will shrink or grow in place, as long as the geometry remains a complete circle. As I recall this also works if some previous action has transformed the circle into a 360 degree arc. If the Radius field is visible but not active then something is preventing the re-sizing of the circle or arc - possibly some attached geometry.

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I recommend first drawing the larger circle then the smaller circle on the same surface (1) with the same centers. PUSH the smaller circle through your “wall” to surface (2), which should create a hole. Then using the MOVE tool select the smaller circle on surface (1), select the axis control (RBG), and push through the “wall” to surface (2) the program will taper the hole for you. easy peasy.

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