Fill a circle back in

I have an object that is basically a circle with some holes cut in it, and a large rectangle cut out. It’s part of a toy my son has and I’m trying to reproduce it. However, I need to make it tapered, and when I try to alter the radius of the circle with the cutout it only adjusts the radius of the existing part and not the open part. Is there a way to refill the circle or something in order to add the taper and then take out the segment so that the “key” is there?
BubbleTrain_3 holes.skp (247.5 KB)

There are different ways to do it, the easiest using native tools is create a cone, draw a circle extrude it, select the upper face and scale it from the center using the scale tool and press Ctrl, then intersect faces with the geometry you have and clean up.

How would I center it on the existing object that I have? I’ve had some issues with that in the past.

You don’t give much details about the required taper.

Click in sequence on the scenes tabs of this SU file for ideas.

BubbleTrain_3 holes - JL.skp (802.1 KB)

I’m basically trying to make a shape kind of like a stepped funnel with those holes

Not sure what you have in mind, but going from the model name … “Bubble Train”

and your comment about your model having something to do with “a toy my son has” … I went for the train funnel look.

240228A_BubbleTrain_3 holes.skp (279.8 KB)

The funnel was created with a “follow me” … and the holes by intersecting cylinders with the funnel.

But since SketchUp only approximates curved surfaces, SketchUp has problems accurately representing even this simple shape. This model would probably be “good enough” to 3D print something … but a machinist would not be amused by it.

Meanwhile, can you provide a bit more detail on precisely what you are trying to accomplish with your SketchUp model? What about the slot? What about the 3 holes? (I count 4 … or is it 5? … holes.)

Regardless, will be glad to help you model a replacement part for your son’s toy.