Follow Me will not open when click on icon

I created a practice model of a floor & walls. I was overjoyed when I successfully created baseboards around the walls and was able to use the Trim tool to remove the baseboards over the door opening.

I tried duplicating my work. I had typed out all of the steps in order and everything was going fine until I clicked on the Follow Me icon. It would not open up. So, I could not draw the baseboards.

What did I do wrong?

Peter Enns
Baseboards 5.skp (192.8 KB)

Double click the profile (or as I have done in the gif, right click and select edit group)
Once open for edit, triple click on it to select the profile and the path which is hard to see under your walls.
Hold shift and double click on the profile to deselect it.
Get the follow me tool and click the profile.
GIF 21-03-2024 9-46-50 PM

I’m not an expert in using Follow Me but I think if you explode your Baseboard Group it should work