Follow Me Tool with Carved Moldings


How would I go about doing a follow me on a molding that has carving on it. I have some shapes that are oval and I would like to show the molding around those shapes.

For example a molding such as this:

I have a dome that I would like to wrap with this.

Please help.

Likely very similar to how these were made. The medallions were made separately and glued on, or had a dowelled stem that went into a hole in the moulding.

If you look closely at the medallions, they are madeup of 12 identical wedges. Make one and then rotate copy it. There is a topic here on doing the same thing to make a 3D star.

You cannot do that using Follow Me. If you want to make a repeating pattern around a circular area, you could create a section then copy it using rotate copy with repeat.