Follow me doesn't work

A simple Follow Me doesn’t work.

Looks like you’ve got a very small object and too many sides in the circle. What is the radius of the path circle?

1/8" and 48 sides. Too many?

Yep. Scale it up by 100 or 1000 and try Follow Me again.

I assume you are modeling a knob or rivet. Unless your entire model is about that knob or maybe a rivet there’s no reason for that many segments in the curves.

Yes, a rivet. I scaled it up by 10 and it worked. I then made it a component that I can scale up or down at will.

Is the model you are working on all about the rivet?

This has often been discussed before. Once there was someone who was modelling a steam locomotive for 3D printing at something like 1:200 scale where finally the rivet is going to be represented my the tiniest squirt from the printer nozzle where the number of segments is of absolutely no importance.

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