Follow a path and dynamic lengths


I’m having, what I think, a problem with make a object follow a path (I’ve used the array tools, but they don’t do it for me all the way).

What I would like to do is to make the sheet piles (the white U-structures) follow both the line around the edge of the excavation pit and also stretch all the way down to a crossing line, or in this case, the bottom line (surface structure in this case).

I realize that I can achieve this all manually, but still… it’s 2020 now! :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance!

sheet_pile_pit_test.skp (1.4 MB)

If you do a lot of this, maybe think about buying Profile Builder. Learn | Profile Builder 3

Just finished going thru their training videos and that seems just right for me! Thanks!

Only thing I didn’t could do if I understood it correct was using dynamic heights for the sheet piles, but I reckon I could easily set them to a overlap and somehow trim them at a crossing line?

Will download it and play around with it! Thanks again :pray:t2:

You can scale them in their longitudinal axis. Also could convert them to dynamic components and have an entry box to enter the lengths.

The way I would do this is to make a component of a sheet pile first. Then copy across as far as you need. The components would be deeper than you need. I would then create a cutting component with the irregular bottom of your excavation as the top surface. Make that a Group. Now you can use the cutting component to trim the pile components.

Yeah, something like this is what I had in mind would be the easiest way of getting the right length for each individual sheet pile.

Thanks for all the help!

Bear in mind that if you use a component for a section of piling to start with, that a cut across one will be replicated in all the others, unless you make each one unique first, or explode all the components first, before intersecting with the irregular ground.

The native Solid Tools in Pro would convert each piling component into a group, if you use Subtract to remove the pile below the ground level.

Alternatively, with them all as identical components, you could scale each one separately, vertically, to meet the ground at the bottom, as I see DaveR has already suggested (sorry, Dave, didn’t see your post at first as I scrolled too fast to the end of the topic).

I would really like avoid scaling every individual piece since there can be 200-500pcs if it’s a big construction site for instance.

I will continue with my try to get a reasonable way of doing it - just finished of my first try but I didn’t come out as wanted (did some mistakes on the way).

While asking: Is there any way to copy a object/line/group with a offset?
For instance in Autocad I can select a object to copy and define a base point like 0.6m away and then get a perfect spacing between my object (like follow a path but by hand, sometimes it’s the quickest way).

The standard Move tool, with the Alt key does a copy. Then after copying one object, you can type a number followed by the letter x to give you x copies each the same distance apart as your first copy is from the original.

But I suspect you already know this, as you said that you’ve tried the Array tools - by which I think you may mean what i just suggested.

Maybe AutoCad means something different by ‘offset’?

Do they actually have to be trimmed? Maybe you could leave them the full length and let them run down below the geometry of the hole.

There’s also a free plugin called Copy along Path or something like that, which will place a component either at fixed intervals along a pre-selected path, or at every node in the path (which you could create on an edge with a R-click Divide, or at the segment ends on an arc or curve.

Been a while since I used it, so I might have the name or the details of how it works wrong.

With Curic Extend

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It’s the Copy Along Path tool that you mention that I mean with Array tools.

Actually I didn’t know about the standard Copy feature with the Alt-key feature - thanks!

That combined with the Curic Extend mentioned above by mihai.s might be the simplest way after all - Especially since the Profile Builder gives some unwanted behaviour (hopefully someone at the forum will be able to point me in the right direction for solving that matter).