Folders in grey can´t get open

Hello! I got Sketchup Make 2017 on my imac - MacOs Monterey - Version 12.5.1, M1 Chip, 16 GB.
It runs normal, did already a reset and a new upload, all access by my site are done but… when i want to open a new file in Sketchup to upload an image, all of images are in grey and can´t get uploaded. Has anyone an idea? I already have written with the applesupport and the only open reason can be at sketchup itself.

Thanks a lot!!! Best regards from the black forest, Anna :slight_smile:

What image? Upload, where? Are you trying to put something to a web service?

When I´m in Sketchup make 2017 - Desktop version - i need to open different files to work with them. But all files are in grey and i cant open it to use them in sketchup - for example I want to open Pictures for a texture or i need a layout as an submission…

Hello again - i uploaded a Screenshot in my main question :slight_smile:
Hope, it helps

You can only Open the native SketchUp file (.skp extension at the end) .
For pictures (.jpg, . png…) you need to use Import .

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Thank you! But…same Problem…Arrggghhhh

I wonder about the compatibility of SketchUp 2017 and MacOS 12. It is so much older.

Mmmhh… maybe that´s the sad fact for my problem…But i don´t want to accept :laughing: All other functions are running perfect…

In the import window you’ll need to choose the correct file type to import. Did you do that?

I can run make 2017 and both open and import files using Monterey, though mine is a 2019 Intel Mac, not an M1. I don’t know if M1 needing Rosetta to run Make would affect this. BTW to import images make sure the file type selector in the import dialog is set correctly or files will be grayed out.

Yes, i did. Thank you!

Can you show a screenshot of the Import window showing that you’ve got it set to import .jpg files? We might see a clue there.

I got it!!! Thanks a lot!!!