Opening old sketch files not responding

Just invested in a 2019 Sketchup Pro license to get access to the Dynamic Components functionality. Now I can’t open the files made in 2017 Sketchup free.
Sketchup starts, I click to open a file and my mac initiate opening the file - but nothing happens. I can see Sketchup’s tool bars, but the actual model will not open.
Running OS 10.14.6

Any ideas?


  • Bjorn

2019 should be able to open up 2017 files without a problem. There is an oddity where opening a file while the welcome screen is showing can leave you still looking at the welcome screen, and as soon as you close that the file you were trying to open will appear.

Assuming that’s not the case for you, are you able to upload a small file that we can try? When typing your reply, the 8th icon (an outbox with an up arrow) is what you would click to upload a file. If it’s too big you could use dropbox, google drive, or some other file sharing site.