Floor plane moved and unable to undo

I’m pretty new to SketchUp, so hopefully this is an easy fix. Ive somehow accidentally moved my base layer which has made lots of my model to become irregular and forced the buildings not to be square anymore. Any wise words would be helpful.

Can you move it back or redraw it? If you post a screenshot, then maybe that’d help us think of a solution.

I would be able to redraw it but i was hoping that there would be an alternative that would be easier.!

I’d recommend using the move tool to align the vertices. You can use the arrow keys to constrain to the axis.

If you do redraw it, don’t delete the geometry that’s in the right place. Just delete the lines that you don’t want, then draw it back the way you want it.

It may be too late for this one, but Undoing step by step to get back to the state before you made the error often works. Sometimes, you may be able to go back to an autosaved file instead. Unfortunately, SU has no Magic Fix button that enable you to return in one step to the pre-error position (because how would it know what that was?).

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