I distorted a square build by accident

It’s the error day, I must be tired
So I managed to overcome the plane that did not want to divide
finished my walk way concept and
now when I thought I was done
I noticed somehow ( I had saved it multiple time (with the error unfortunately)
that I undo to go back…(the problem of concentrating deep into details and not overlooking
the entirety of the model.
Is there anything like distort in PS where I can pull it all to the correct point again?
I recall many times having pulled by accident planes attached to each other and used the UNDO on the spot
But now I WANT TO DO IT on purpose and pull the entire model (made of two groups)
back to the edge length of 44799cm and can’t or don’t know how to
went to you tube but it’s always the same issue on HOW TO ASK THE QUESTION
to get the right tutorial.
Anyone help please just spend several days doing this park like elevated

THANK YOU.dear Forum members always saved the day so many times

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Can you share the file to check what’s the best solution.

084forum_HOCgalleriaONLYwithDISTORTIONaccident.skp (1.8 MB)
Sorry I was out
then had to disconnect this part as the rest made the model too big to upload
I recall the last I was trying to do is to insert of first of a number of spiral stairs throughout
and I was sort of moving the one around.
I still don’t know
when I pull or push the area under always is empty so I have to fill it in again by ctrl move the s
same part down 100mm as I want the floor to have a thickness.
It all will sit on a cross of 4 walls and the frame around it.
Well I hope this shows maybe how I can fix it
I found an older start version that I can build up again but that’s several days down the drain
but there no date for it as it is for me only at this time
I am TRYING to see if I can make a small game for UNREAL ENGINE.
thanks for offering to look into it

It may be easier to see what is going on if you uploaded the whole model to a file-sharing service such as Dropbox and provided a link to it.

Hello thanks
Well I did upload it here in the reply to the request of RLGL
I guess it’s the same.

You have one of the messiest models I´ve seen in a while, Its going to be easier to model everything again in the right way, I can help you if you want. Do you have reference images or 2d plans to model it again, or the design just came out of your mind while modeling?

I´ve made this so far, I don’t know if its ok, I model it again in a new file without any materials, your model was in millimeters, which is uncomfortable to work with when you have a big model, its roughly 50m x 50m. The form of the paths I haven’t modeled, it looks like random curves and lines, if you give me the information to do it it’ll be finished in ten more minutes of work.

Hello Dear (I guess Francis)
You are most kind for actually cleaning it up the file.
So I am not lazy waiting for some surprise like your offer.
I did try to remake it from an earlier save
While we exchange these messages I did try to restart from scratch also.
Because I really liked the look of the irregular cross walk ways with the irregular glass centres

That will sit on top of the walls and on one side on the rectangular block balconies
overlooking the 1/4 square garden. (as per render attached)
The entire project is totally imagination only, NO plans but in my head.

085_HOC_NEWattemptATcorrectANGLEgalleria_04_04.skp (609.1 KB)

You can do that in ten minutes, wow. I just wish.

Before sending you the file I thought I had purged it.
I hope I did now.
My apologies for the terrible mess that just became apparent to me.

My situation is, my PC doesn’t like to let me import files into my SKU model
probably not enough RAM or power or Graphic Card. (on a budget)
So I keep on designing everything in one gigantic file and develop new additions
next to it. Then insert it and save etc…(hence file number 89 )
each has nearly become a GB.

But if I develop this elevated walkway apart and want to import it.
90% of time my SKU will crash or take hours to load it.
So I can attempt it sometimes only
but not each time as the time loss would be just to frustrating.

Also if I try to offset the entire centre walkway my PC crashes
So I decided it into four parts
The center hexagon is only left there to reinsert it correctly as it is a
simulated elevator going through there but with no stop at the skywalk as yet

Several things that still I haven’t come to grasp with after all these years
is ( I made one example on C) of the walkway.

I don’t know why it always pulls UP with a material that is irrelevant and only
at the bottom of the 100mm floor.
As then I always need to go inside the glass sheet and make it transparent again
and then set the floor to metal etc
And why do planes suddenly want to fill all the spaces within (say the four big
empty spaces) when I fill in something or connect two points
It always feels like watercolour wanting to run away.
I just have not come across how to 'correctly describe this situation in technical
SKU terms to find tutorials about on how to avoid this to happen.
Even I make many groups. And yes I must admit I don’t use layers ever
and should slap myself for not doing it as in PS.

To send you my model I actually deleted 95% of my entire project.

This building goes 5 floors underground.
HOC, in the file = house of Cards short cut for the quick imaginary city I built along the streets
with sort of post card looking facades just to give it a context.

I always design as I go.
I spend the last winter since October on this nearly daily x hours
I am very weary to put it all her in total public I am trying to make this into a game.
As a friend gifted me a VR headset. My goal is to take this into Unreal Engine direct or via Blender
(that both I am trying to learn at the same time)

I have an IG #vstarchitecture where I try to put out my creativity (within limitations)
I always follow a basic plan, with a simple sketch straight from my mind as I go
and then I experiment trying to integrate something I have never done before.
In this particular project it was a gigantic sort of parametric roof floating above
a quit simple structure.
I am 55+ :slight_smile: but still very creatively fresh at mind. But sadly don’t have any
friends into my type of design hobby. So I only learn from youtube tutorials
and this amazing forum.
The link below shows what I made during two years of Covid. Only with some tutoring by a ver kind professional renderer I met on LinkedIN. Mex San Diago was kind to teach to improve my renders in Lumion I did add his credit in my submission.

I have many more gigantic buildings on my PC most developed some up to 60 storeyes but working always alone doesn’t bring much needed critic and other opinion on going forward.
I did,do put some on my creativity on IG #vstartchitecture.
Professionally I was a diploma Pattern drafting master, Haute Couture Designer and Interior Designer and always was a frustrated Architect.
I started at YSL in Paris as my first work.
That was my initial choice but my mother insisted that I was too bad in math to study architecture.
I should not have listened. But my other carreer allowed me to live and work 20+ years in Hong Kong.
So for the past 25 years since starting to design and build large homes in South Africa
I have evolved in the 3D area by myself on the side. It doesn’t pay in Canada as I don’t have local
unending expertise requirement. I have tried many times even as intern etc but to no avail.
And I must admit with my ADHD I can’t sit at a station doing mil work 3Ddesign or structures for other designers. I just can’t handle that as I always been on the initial creative design side of things
starting many years ago with paper illustration
Now I work occasionally in the movies 2$ mill the biggest and have managed to get positions as
Art Director, Set and Costume Director and even actor. All the four movies I was involved
got to TIFF and got prices …but it’s nothing to write home about as the Directors got rightfully the public recognition
This is a 8min movie file I made with previous Stiletto project but at an early stage
and it took over 75hrs of rendering on my PC STILETTO video in the making - VisualSenses
I am still trying to find how to insert my final file and cut down the time or start from scratch.
I also write a lot (even in my rather German French studded grammar English)
But hey, writing never had to pay the bills.

Thank you very much for your assistance. I am very grateful.
for my imaginary city indoor playground

Having tried further here I see with horror
that the file I sent you again that I was working AGAIN
was also a wrong file.
I only saw now by turning it that the mistake was still there.
I thought I have found one that had still the right angles.
It’s because that angle matched the singling it out of the entire building.
So I kept on working on it at that angle and the near 5m difference in
total somehow did not jump at my eyes,
This said I see I don’t have an original that is correct and that my
first extrapolation it is the one that was already deformed. :frowning:
So I am still stuck with the same problem and haven’t managed to resolve it by myself
after reworking it again by myself… One can get so engrossed in a thing it’s truly mindboggling.

How very stupid of me. Very sorry

088_FORUMmyFINLtry2CORRECThadTOredo_04_04.skp (433.1 KB)


I worked the whole afternoon on this by
deleting all the push pull floor
then correcting the square
then copy paste individual parts of the the crosswalk
and rotating them and readjusting
some just would not want to connect
it was like it was haunted always flooding the square
which was one of my initial posts about it
I can’t stop at so many times to for the all or parts to like flood
or add a second layer
I had to redo one crosswalk and always divide into smaller sections
A,B,C,D,E otherwise can not offset (I guess it’s the size)
but I cant do this model say 1/4 size it’s just not possible with all the
details that are inside
when I want to delete it erases everything within the lines
I stall am not capable (although have done it thousand of times
to offset the inside rim of the sqaure and circle corners in one
even when I copied it next to it
it always wants to do the offset from the outer rim
so I made a circle in the center and was planning on copy it into
its respective corners
Also there what ever I did with in the circle
if flooded everything and then when I deleted the plane between the square walkway
and the center it took away the planes of the circle
I don’t know I can’t explain but this is the strangest
days of SKU I had in my life …
I even screen shot the flooding but don’t want to make the file bigger here
Thank you.
looking forward what and when you have managed
Kind regards
and thank you again

Sorry For the delay, I had an unexpected busy week, but TGIF and I could finish your model, Im not sure if its exactly what you wanted but that was all I could do with the references I had, any ways, the model nos is easier to work with, it doesn’t have loose geometry, it has only groups and components, actually the only component is the tower, the rest of the elements are groups.
Corrected Model.skp (732.5 KB)

Hello, Hola

I read you are in Quito…Your city is very pretty.
I passed there in the mid 80s on a trip also to go to Machu Picchu
Unfortunately there the weather was very bad and visibility awfull

Sorry, this time, MY delayed reply and many thanks for your time and resolve. I went so deep into my project that I completely forgot to look at the forum.
Somehow I managed to find a solution and yet I don’t know how and why.
I attempted to cut into the space in between with circles and realize that from that moment on I was able to delete and move desired areas.

Here is a render of the installed galleria within my concept project.
Hope to be in touch again …
Just love how this Forum puts us in touch with people in the utmost distant places

Muchas gracias

Hola :wave:t3:

Wow I wasn’t even born back then, I’ve heard my parents say that in the past it was colder and rainier during the winter, now it’s hast to tell when is summer and winter, it’s sunny and warm most of the year, buy it’s perfect for me, cause it never gets warmer than 24 Celsius and the coldest is 8. I lived in Germany for 4 years and the weather was more extreme.

Happy for you that you could figure out everything.

It would be great to be able to meet up on a sketchup Basecamp the members of this forum, that’s something I’ve been wanting to do with all my colleagues and friends who love this software, I have a lot of friends in Germany also that have been asking me to do this but the pandemic and life projects haven’t helped to achieve this.

Saludos y de nada.