Entire room moved along blue axis

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I’m a beginner with Sketchup and I have a problem. My entire room as a plane moved along the blue axis to the top of the wall of another room (image attached) and I can’t move it back. Please advise what is the way to solve this.
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Use undo until it’s back where it was?

I got tired of accidentally selecting my floor plan and moving it, so put it on a different layer along with the “scale character”. If this is incorrect, you experienced users, please let me know.

(See below. Thanks Dan.)

SketchUp layers do not separate geometry. They are only shared display property sheets.

Use a group or component to separate geometry.

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Please clarify what you mean by this. For example: Do you mean that the move tool won’t activate? Do you mean that you can’t select it to move it? Do you mean that when you move it other parts of the model are also affected? etc.

Edit: as usual here, if you can share the model we can give you a clearer answer.

Undo doesn’t work, it works for my recent actions ignoring the one, which I made accidental, to move room flour on top of the wall. It happened like one action which turned the room’s upside down.

Appart (3D).skp (569.8 KB)

Thanks for the answer, I have attached my model

Do you mean that the move tool won’t activate?

I didn’t activate move tool. It was keys combination that performed one action that made things like on the picture.

Do you mean that you can’t select it to move it?

Move tool works fine, but I wonder how can I move everything back by one action, not selecting everything one by one.

Half of your apartment is upside down, and you work with the model twisted upside down.

Try watching a few tutorials to understand how you can work in SketchUp.

Thank you, mihai.s!

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