Move Going in opposit Direction?


Don’t know why but suddenly all move & copy commands are moving in the opposite direction to the cursor & are not getting axis color titles/indicators. I’ve tried turning axis on & off & model info/ component/ check axis box etc. no axis title/indicator or anything!
Any idea why or how to reset model axis would be great. Knowing how I changed it would be better. Thanks in advance.


Select All then start a Move…

type [0,0,0] or ( [0;0;0] on some keyboards ) and hit enter…

that should get you back to origin, but you’ll need to position from there…


I believe that the model is at the origin. Turning on 100 layers, selecting the original base point/floor plan corner then selecting all & move tool to [0,0,0] seems draconian. It still doesn’t explain what caused the axis to change.


close scene without changing? Exit scene?