Floor Plan View - is there a way to distinguish between interior and exterior walls by color?

I’m trying to create a floor plan in Layout. Is it possible to make the section fill color of the exterior walls different from the interior walls? And then have those colors represented in the document key (or legend) along with their different widths?

nope. I think the only way to achieve something like it natively in SU would be to create 2 scenes with 2 different styles, with each style having a different section fill colour. Then, modifying the layer visibility (depending on whether you have set your int / ext wall groups to their own layers (or nest of layers)) in each scene to show either the interior or exterior wall layers, you would need to set the style background to transparent. Thne in layout have each scene overlayed on a different layer (for ease rather than just sending a viewport backwards) Messy but in theory doable.

Or buy Skalp - then its super simple. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ve tried creating separate scenes for ext/int wall, but when I create the different layers in Layout for each scene the separate layers are not visible. I think the key to making this work is transparent background as you mentioned. Could you tell me more about how to do that?

But - even if I did get the separate fill colors to work in Layout is there a way to reference those colors in a key in layout at the bottom of the page. Like:

brown color (actually show the color) = 5.5"
gray color = 3.5"

BTW - every review I’ve read on Skalp for sketchup 2018 is that it is completely broken and support is not responding.

You would have to draw the Legend manually in LO I think.

You could sort of do it with named components in SU. Have a box component on the same layer and style of say the int wall but on a different scene. Do that for each colour type. Set you camera position to show the sectioned box, copy the camera position to all of the scenes showing the different coloured boxes.

In layout, arrange the view ports with the scenes showing the coloured boxes and label each viewport, the label should by default show the component definition . Job done. Long scrappy way round but if you keep the component definitions correct in SU, you can manage the legend text from the SU doc… pain to set up but once done, easy to manage.

Transparent background seem a bit of a dark art, there is a known bug on Mac where they don’t work correctly which is extremely frustrating. If you search you’ll find the threads m.

SKALP 2018 for SU2018 works just fine, their support also works like it used to, I have needed/used used and response time was satisfactory.

Model internal and external walls separately and have them grouped on different layers. Use SKALP’s “by layer” function. Sorted.

Indeed, the latest version of skalp has worked flawlessly with 2018.

Another way is to use Dibac. It will make the section solid, according to the texture chosen for the GROUP (Entity Info), regardless of the colors of the faces.
Updates quickly with every modification you make.

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