Floor material not showing in Layout

I have created a scene in Sketchup that includes a wood material on the floor when I import it into layout, the rest of the scene shows, but not the wood material. When I choose the scene, the wood shows up in the dialog box, but not in the Layout viewport.

There’s a number of possible reasons. Instead of guessing, how about uploading the LO file so we can get right to the solution?

The problem is on page (second floor with Furniture)

Here is the link to the layout file
Here is the link to the sketchup file

Thank you

Here is the layout file link



You have at least three co-planar faces z-fighting at your second floor level, one inside a group, one ungrouped. Two of these are white and one contains the floor material. Delete or hide the white ones and update the scene.

BTW, you should make all your LayOut views refer named SketchUp scenes.

Thanks. I made a real tangle of groups and layers. I hope I can untangle them. It would be nice if sketchup had some Arrange function to bring one layer to the top.

There is. It’s called space. Layer order makes no difference in SketchUp. That’s a 2D thing. If you want one face to appear in front of another, you need to put it closer to the camera. Remember, faces in SketchUp have no thickness. When you place multiple faces in the same place, OpenGL can’t sort out which one is intended to be in front of or on top of another.The only way to control that is by placing the faces at different heights.

I think I am OK if I have two representations of a plane on separate layers and show only one layer at a time. If this doesn’t work, I will put one on top.


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