Arrangement of things in the same level (same plane)


Hello, I was wondering how SketchUp arrange/align things in a same plane (from a top view). I also observes that SketchUp sometimes changes it self the arrangement depending on different things, for example depending on the size of the group, or depending on the last group that was opened (see gif.). I’m telling/asking about it because sometimes when it changes the arrangement it self, it becomes a problem for me because then groups/things are displayed different than I want it. I was thinking about working in different levels to get a control of the arrangement, but I don’t know jet if it is worth to do it or not.

So my two question are:

-Does anyone know how SketchUp arrange the things that are in the same level, viewing it from the top? It might help me out if I understand how it works it self.

-Does anyone know how can I control myself the arrangement of the things that are in the same level?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:


I would create layers for example name them grass, flower bed, pathways. Assign geometry to the correct layer, then you can switch visibility on/off as you work on different parts

Hope this helps


Btw, it might be an idea to remove the area below the buildings? you are showing so they sit in their own space. I think the display problem is due to the fact that you have textures exactly on top of each other I,m not sure if you can set hierarchy to the layers to make them display differently, maybe someone will pop up with a better answer?


Thanks. I already use layers for each thing, so for editing there is no problem, but how it is displayed is my “problem”. Actually is not a real problem. Because before printing it, I can arrange it in layout the way I want. But it disturb me a bit that by working, things go behind others when I don’t want it… it is a bit difficult to explain it, but I hope you get it.


Yes I think I get the gist of what you’re saying. I think that if you draw the grass so it doesn’t go under the buildings it will work. However, if you want views with all the grass for example then try lifting the buildings very slightly this should do it. Texture on texture is going to keep the problem as it is I think.


Yes, the arrangement problem comes when I have more than one thing in the same place. To remove the area behind should work, but as they are in different groups it would spend a lot of time to do it, and ever I change a building, I have then to redraw the thing behind. And sometimes I need the things that are behind becouse I need to export different scenes, for example one with the buildings, and one without…

Thank for your answers! :slight_smile:


Yes, I think that is the best solution. If nobody comes with a better solution I will do it like that.


Hope I helped



Or on the other hand, place buildings back on same plane as rest and push/pull buildings upward slightly. This should give the differentiation required to display and probably more “sketchup” way to do it. The choice is yours!